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About Home Practice

Having a home practice is a joy and a discipline. Discipline, my spiritual teacher reminded me once,
comes from the word disciple. A disciple is one who follows someone or something out of devoted love.
Discipline then, does not need to carry the dry, forced feeling so often associated with it when someone
says, "I am just not disciplined." Discipline is doing something we love. There will, naturally, be days
when it does not feel so full of joy or love and those days are as important as the joyful ones. For on
those days when we do not feel like practicing, may be the days when we go deeper into whatever path
we are on.

The sequences below are meant to be a guide and help.

Download Home Practive sequence from the Valley Yoga Newsletter below:

  • Kitchen Yoga: Diana Leoni - Download

  • Grace and Strength with Balance: Kathy Prekoski - Download

  • Finding Equlibrium Through Standing Poses: Dina Restivo - Download

  • Working with the Hips: Patti Fiormonti - Download

  • Quiet Down Sequence: Tina Tetz - Download

  • Rise and Shine and Namaste: Susan Lilly - Download

  • Hips - Core - Balance: Janice Helgeson - Download

  • Radiance: Elizabeth Dieterle - Download

  • Going to the Wall: Allison Kleinsteuber - Download