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"There is a misconception that yoga is easy, just sitting around. It is more difficult than I thought but I feel good afterward."

"It brings strength, focus and balance."

"It helps my mind slow down. When I focus on poses, I forget the week."

"It is physical meditation."

"It helps my self esteem. I like my body for a change instead of feeling too old or too fat."

"It is getting to know yourself."

"It is a mind, body, spirit connection through movement and thoughtful positioning of the body in postures."

Download "Yogi Writings" from the newsletter below:

Debbie Patton - Download

Marla Reyes - Download

Lynn Storseth - Download

Judy Ransberger - Download

Jessi Snyder - Download

Dayna Crandall - Download

Heather Edwards - Download

Levi Jessen - Download

Patty Moore - Download

Barbara Mayeda - Download

Carol Bellin - Download

Cindy Delain - Download

Dorothy Stoltzfus - Download

Janie Priest - Download

Karen Folger - Download

Kirk Kernen - Download

Pat Contraras - Download

Patti Fiormonti - Download

The Roebuck Family - Download

Shane Barclay - Download

Sharon Peck - Download

George Pilling - Download

Sally Rogers - Download

Laura Walheim - Download

Andrew Glazier - Download

Taylor Theis - Download

Charles Glick - Download