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Valley Yoga Teachers

Owner/Instructor Holly Jones:

559-936-0565    dancebunny@att.net

I am so grateful that Yoga and the right teacher appeared in my life when I needed it.  I came to yoga looking to cultivate flexibility and strength.  After a few weeks, I noticed that there were more benefits.  As I became more flexible and stronger, I was also more relaxed and happier like when I was a child.  I felt such gratitude for everyone in my life and each new day.  Yoga has helped me to understand myself better and gives me strength to tackle the challenges of life.  It has changed how I deal with stress.  I find it easier to stay focused and really listen, which helps me make better decisions.  Each time I do a yoga pose it feels new and interesting, even if I have done it many times.  It is amazing how powerful the gentle practices of yoga are.  It is fun to do some of the poses that were once impossible.  I enjoy my yoga practice and the wonderful people I have met at Valley Yoga.  I love having a place to go where I can leave my worries at the door with my shoes.

Holly has completed her 200 hours at Prajna Yoga with Tias and Surya Little.  She is certified to teach Pilates mat classes, studies the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, and has a master’s degree in dance.


Teachers with ongoing classes:

Janice Helgeson: Thursday 4:00pm and 5:30pm

The yoga community at the studio draws me in, sharing chatter, laughter, tears and calmness. The poses ask for courage, accomplished by working with modifications until I am ready. I am stronger now than in my youth, learning to hold and balance my own body weight. I am gaining flexibility to enhance all of the other physical activities I enjoy. Knowing that balance works better on some days than others, I am learning to focus and go inside and that makes the difference. I am Becoming aware of my breath. It calms, steadies and clears my mind. “Namaste”, I feel as the gratitude and respect between myself, my students and my teacher.  I am connecting “the truth that we are all one when we live from the heart.” I feel peace and joy inside my soul as I leave a class at the studio.

Patti Fiormonti: Yoga Basics


Yoga has been life changing for me.  When I first began I couldn’t do much of anything.  The poses were all quite challenging and many were somewhat painful as well.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do much, but I felt it was what my body needed so I stuck with it.  Over time it all began to change.  Today yoga is a big part of my life. I’ve realized there’s so much more to it than doing the poses. There’s always something new to learn and new challenges to explore.

Patti has completed her 200 hours at Prajna Yoga with Tias and Surya Little.

Judy Ransberger: Yoga Basics


I began my yoga journey at home 20+ years ago practicing with a variety of teachers on videos from Gaiam. My favorite was always Rodney Yee because of his beautiful practice, calm voice and easy to follow verbal cues. Eight years ago I found Valley Yoga with a friend’s coaxing that I try Yoga classes at a studio. Brenda Proudfoot was my first instructor and I felt such a sense of calm, peace and belonging at the studio that my practice has greatly deepened since becoming a Valley Yoga regular. I have attended workshops by Tias Little, Janet MacCloud, Brenda Proudfoot and Valerie Ehrlich. I began teaching Yoga Basics at Valley Yoga for the Winter 2020 session after spending two years assisting Patti Fiormonti, and I intend to expand my teaching role and complete a formal Yoga Teacher Training course in the near future.

Diana Leoni: Wednesday - 5:30pm


Diana Leoni has been a student of Anusara yoga for 13 years.
She is a certified Yoga instructor, getting her certification from the School of Sacred Arts in Bali.
Her goal in starting a yogic path was to heal lower back pain and get stronger, little did she realize that a whole new path of radiant health, fulfillment and enjoyment in life would become that same path. She was introduced to Anusara yoga through Desiree Rumbaugh.  She immediately connected with Anusara. philosophy of openheartedness and alignment to Source.  She has taken classes and workshops Desiree, and others including  John Friend. She  also  trained in  Yin and Tantra yoga in Bali.  Her  broad knowledge and passion for yoga   is taught  to her students in a  kind, authentic and heart centered  way that allows  students to get  deeper into their  own hearts with self acceptance,   honesty, compassion and love.

Susan Lilly: Tuesday 4:00 pm


Yoga has been a part of my life for many years and my interest and love continues to grow and deepen. I’m so grateful for the practices of yoga that help me to live with a greater peace and well being. I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at the Mount Madonna Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences in 2011 studying classical Ashtanga Yoga (the 8-limbs) inspired by the teachings and example of Baba Hari Dass and his students. Baba Hari Dass says “Teach to Learn”. I love teaching and learning. My studies have included the sister science – Ayurveda which is a holistic medical system that shares wisdom for healthy living through diet, yoga practices, herbs, and daily routine.
RYT 500 Yoga Alliance registered teacher Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor

Substitute Teachers:

Valerie Ehrlich:


I find yoga to be the perfect antidote for all the containment and stress our everyday lives often require of us. It’s a means of placing myself into a different orientation to gravity—literally and metaphorically—than I usually experience, and as a result, it’s taught me many physical and psychological truths. I delight in my practice and opportunities for instruction as I find yoga bridging worlds between humans, one lovely spirit-body at a time.

Valerie is registered (E-RYT 200/500) through Yoga Alliance having completed the 200 hour program in Fresno at Fig Garden Yoga and the two-year 500 hour program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She holds a master's degree in Kinesiology and has written the manual "Upside Down: A User's Guide to Beginning Yoga."

Cindy Delain:

OrlandoI started my yoga practice 6 years ago with a class at College of the Sequoias which quickly evolved into my practice at Valley Yoga. I have been in love with yoga ever since and cannot imagine my life without it. I have never felt this way about any other kind of exercise but I guess that is because it goes beyond just the physical exercise. It’s a community of friends I see 2-3 times a week, it’s a time on the mat where I don’t think about the outside and only listen and feel my body. Not to mention that I have more flexibility and strength at 56 than I have my entire life. I’m honored to be a substitute teacher as I acquire more information from the Teacher Gatherings Brenda provides, attend conferences, and work toward my goal to obtain my 200 hour certificate.

Emily Lucietto:


Practicing yoga makes me happy; sharing yoga with others makes me even happier. I began practicing yoga right out of high school and have had the pleasure of learning from dozens of talented teachers in Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Fresno, and Visalia. I remember feeling very awkward the first time on my mat, but something kept me coming back for more. That something is quite simply presence. Though yoga is a lot of things, for me, it's ultimately achieving wellness in the present moment. Yoga is a perfect balance for my very active lifestyle. I am an avid runner, and I have spent many summers backpacking through the Sierra Nevada. I have two young children and one on the way. Yoga is my self-care, my balance, and my restoration. It is truly a gift to share yoga with others.

Emily has completed her 200 hour teacher training at COIL Yoga in Fresno under the direction of Katie Flinn and is certified with the Yoga Alliance.

Allison Kleinsteuber:

AllisonAs an artist, I’ve found yoga to be another branch into creativity and support for my spirit. There’s a unique union between my knowledge of the skeleton and muscles I use in drawing or sculpting and how my body “feels’ as I practice. As a teacher, I strive to take poses and help students discover how to make them accessible via modifications and the use of props. I love helping people and breaking down information into do-able steps. As someone who has dealt with scoliosis and depression, I’ve truly discovered a freedom from chronic pain and finally feel at peace within my skin.

Dina Restivo:

I am able to feel centered by practicing yoga regularly. I am able to still my mind and allow a sense of calmness and peace. My yoga practice is helping me to find my equilibrium and for this I am grateful.

Dina has studied yoga with Brenda Proudfoot since 2002. She has earned her 500-hour yoga teacher certification at Mount Madonna Center, a center dedicated to the study of Ashtanga (Eight Limb) yoga under the wise and silent leadership of Baba Hari Dass.  Dina is continuing her study in Mount Madonna's 500-hour certification program. Dina has led a successful yoga program for Visalia Parks & Recreation since 2008, and she especially loves sharing the joys of yoga with seniors and beginners.

Tina Tetz:

After a lifetime of various workout routines, I have found a permanent home in yoga.  It is the complete package; an intriguing blend of cardio, strength training, proper form and, most importantly, stress relief.  There is always something to challenge you and no two sessions are the same.  Physically, I am more toned with better posture.  Mentally, I am more centered and focused.  There is truly something for every body.





Brenda Proudfoot


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